The damned little bastard actually knows how to convince the youngsters with eternal rebellion promises, but he couldn’t resist the appeals of a rival with whom neither I, with all my powers, am capable of competing. I’m not talking about God! I'm talking about money! For less than the 30 silver coins my godson Judas won to deliver Jesus Christ, this rock n’ roll thing betrayed me and sold himself into the system. Do you really believe that my heir would want to inspire that bunch of star idols to entertain teenagers?!?! Get thee hence, Satan!

My rightful son has sowed disorder and chaos, has scandalized society and spawned the dynasty of the

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

1970 / Vertigo Records










Black Sabbath

The Wizard

Behind The Wall Of Sleep


Evil Woman (cover Crow)

Sleeping Village

Warning (cover Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation)

 must confess that it was pretty easy to extend my dominance over the music heard on this planet of yours. And also, well….The music industry has never been a saint's place. And it got even worse after the “flower power” wave in the 1960s. Even to me, experienced in

falsehood, the utopian innocence preached by the hippies was too hypocritical. Someone would have to do the dirty job and awake the youth to what is reality. Leave it to me, I thought. I tried to find a place where my audio philosophy - the louder, dirtier and aggressive the better - was accepted with no resistance.

The heaven I imagined existed and lay in the center of England: the gray, rainy and boring Birmingham. Upon arriving in the city, I met a band called Earth. But its members had nothing to do with rainbows and incenses. They were poor, ugly and troublemakers. It was hate at first sight. In exchange of eternity, I persuaded the four worthless guys to change the band's name to Black Sabbath, the pagan ritual that gathers witches with the infernal court. The rest is history. In February of 1970 - on a Friday the 13th, of course! - with thunders and lightning rumbling from the speakers, the audience heard for the first time the group's album debut.

In the lyrics, there were occultism, terror and war. Pure poetry! The music? Oh, come on! From the blues song, Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (drums) have raised the noise they made to unthinkable levels of distortion for that time, a gloomy song and full of tritons - harmonic structure with dissonant effect known as diabolus in music because it causes a lot of tension and it was punished by the medieval church. Well, I was thrilled with this homage, I just didn’t cry because I wouldn’t look good.

At the album release, I whispered to Ozzy and he declared:

"Our music is a reaction to all this bullshit of peace, love and happiness. The hippies are trying to convince you that the world
is a wonder, but just look around to see where the fuck we are in"

Of course there were some guys who took it too seriously.
Bad luck of those poor souls. The world would never be the same
again after this newborn had made an appearance. Laughing,
my son spread his wings. (And then he ended up letting go of his
beasts and falling into the carousal.)

*Raul Seixas
(1945-1989) is
considered one of
the Brazilian rock n' roll
pioneers. This text alludes
to the classic song Rock do Diabo (Devil's Rock)